From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/7/1862, p. 1, c. 3

Reorganization of the Provost Marshal Detective Corps. Since the discharge of the Detectives of the Provost Marshal on the 1st instant, Gen. Winder, the Mayor, and other officials, interested in preserving peace and good order in the city and its vicinity, have been engaged in perfecting a system which, they expect from the experience of the past, will work well, and ensure not only the preservation of the public peace, but the apprehension and final punishment of all offenders against the law, whether military or civil. We have not seen a plan of the new system adopted, but understand that it contemplates the employment of a sufficient detail of soldiers on the streets, both night and day to ensure a due obedience to law, and the arrest of all offenders against it.

The Detective force of the Provost Marshal was reorganized by swearing in Samuel Maccubbin, Jr., John Hammond, Logan McCoull, Wm. Mitchell, (painter,) Robert S Craddock, and J. Henry Franklin. (city watchman,) for duty. The three first named were on the old force, and performed their duty with satisfaction to Gen. Winder. All of the officers were required to take an oath for the faithful discharge of their duty. Among those required to subscribe to the new oath were the Detectives of the Eastern district, all of whom are citizens of Richmond. Gen. Winder availed himself of the valuable suggestions of the Mayor in choosing the officers to succeed those who were dismissed.



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