From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/25/1862, p. 1, c. 4

Operations of Garoters. – On Tuesday evening an elderly gentleman named Carraway, from Johnston county, N. C., arrived in this city, en route to visit his sons in the army near Fredericksburg.—During his stay here he concluded to visit one of the camps in the vicinity of the city, and about dark on the evening in question set out in the direction of Camp Winder. Just beyond the city limits he met with four men, of whom he asked some questions with reference to the location of the camp for which he was search. They informed him that they were going to that camp, and would accompany him. Thinking himself fortunate in so soon finding company, the old gentleman accepted the escort of his newly-made acquaintances, and started off cheerfully for his destination. The party had not proceeded far, however, until the four scoundrels fell upon him and beat him unmercifully, bruising and cutting his head and face to such an extent that he could scarcely see, and robbing him of everything that he had on his person — After inflicting this injury upon him the villains made their escape, and up to this time have not been arrested. The old man, in his bruised and disabled condition, managed to make his way to Camp Winder, where some soldiers procured a wagon and returned him to the city, and placed him in the North Carolina hospital. So serious are the injuries received about the head that some doubts are entertained of his recovery.


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