Richmond Dispatch, 7/10/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/10/1862, p. 1, c. 1


Sixty-seven additional Yankee prisoners of war were brought to Richmond yesterday and deposited in a place of safety. As yet we have seen no indication of the approach of the large body said to have been captured and on their way to this city by easy stages. Since our last report the following offices have been brought in: Capt. Wm. M. Fiske, company E, 4th New York; Capt. G. W. Hines, company K, 96th Pennsylvania; Capt. Robt. Maines, company I, 62d Pennsylvania; 1st Lieut. G. V. S. Robinson, company E, 36th New York; 2d Lieut. S. B. Krumbine, company B, 103d Pennsylvania; 2d Lieut. F. H. Murphy, company B, 67th New York; 2d Lieut. S. H. Bayley, and Quarter-master Pennsylvania troops, and, Edward Bentley, brigade Surgeon, 3d brigade, Porter's division.

Twelve citizens of Pennsylvania, composing the "Pittsburg Sanitary Commission," a self-constituted committee to wait on the Yankee wounded, and witness McClellan's triumphal entry into the rebel capital, were, by order of the military authorities of the Department of Henrico; removed on Tuesday evening from their comfortable quarters at Savage's farm, and brought to this city and lodged in Libby's warehouse as prisoners of war. They gave the following names: R. R. Bounot, Isaac Brown, F. Bryant, W. H. Smith, John Beltzhoover, Oliver L. Miller, J. W. Whiteman, W. E. Gosling, Thos. G. Smyth, John Harney, Thos. McComas, and L. Hart. Accompanying the above was a committee of one named M. E. N. Howell, of Michigan, who was at Savage's on a similar errand as his Pittsburg brothers.

In connection with the subject of Yankee prisoners, we may mention that eight Pennsylvania soldiers, including a Lieutenant, were brought to the C. S. Prison in this city, yesterday, by two Virginia youths. The prisoners, on Tuesday, were on a plundering expedition in King and Queen county, and the citizens gathering for self-protection, the marauders were attacked just as they were in the act of accomplishing the destruction of several ferry boats. The attack was not participated in but by three or four citizens, besides the two boys named above. Two of the vandals were made to hate the dust. The Yankee Lieutenant showed fight, and encouraged his followers until, being badly wounded himself, the whole party surrendered.

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