Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1862, p. 2, c. 7

THIS is to notify the following named persons, members of the Hanover Artillery, - viz:

B B Graves,                             Mack Hall,
N B Terrell,                              James Hanes,
Wm J Gentry                            Jno Lowry,
M M Anderson,                       Frederick Luck,
J L Berkeley,                            Benton Mallory,
J W Childress,                          Columbus Mallory,
Wm Grimes,                             H R Mallory,
Thos S Hall                              E J Rouze,
L C Stanley,                             R A Spider,
Chas Thompson,                      Wm H Terry,
Jno H Terrell,                           Frank L Maddox,
Jno Travillian,                           Joseph Terrell,
James Perkins,                          Wm H Thacker,

who are now absent from the company from various reasons, that they are ordered to return to camp immediately. Those who fail to present themselves within the space of one week from date will be advertised as deserters, and a reward of $30 offered for the apprehension and delivery of each of them. No certificates of disability or unfitness for service from neighborhood physicians will be received, unless the man is in bed or unable to travel. Those who can travel, and yet think themselves unfit for service, will report immediately to Dr. JAMES McCAW, Chimborazo Hospital, and will there receive an examination and abide by the surgeon’s decision. The company is now stationed on the York River Railroad, two miles from Richmond, and is attached to Colquitt’s brigade.

Captain Hanover Artillery.

Camp near Richmond, July 14, 1862.

jy 15 – 6t*

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