Richmond Dispatch, 8/29/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/29/1862, p. 1, c. 1

Arrival of Prisoners. – The Central train yesterday afternoon brought down the prisoners captured by General Stuart on Friday night last. They number three hundred and thirty-two, of whom ten are commissioned officers, whose names we append: Wm. J. Leonard, Colonel, Purnell Legion, Md. Volunteers; Captains, T. W. Dunham, 88th Penn. reg't; L. E. Smith, 2d Va. reg't; C. A. Goulding, Gen. Pope's staff; 1st Lieuts. W. H. Hogarth, Purnell Legion; T. B. Winslow, Penn. Rifles; H. C. Capron, 1st Rhode Island cavalry; J. F. Reinicker, Purnell Legion; 2d Lieuts. T. B. Moore, Harris light cavalry; Albert J. Brooks, Purnell Legion. In addition to those brought on the Central train, some ten or fifteen prisoners were brought down from Lynchburg, and committed to the Libby prison on Cary street. A rigid search was instituted upon all of the parties and on the persons of a few were found some very interesting and doubtless valuable papers. We were shown a deed executed by the "Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax, Baron of Cameron, in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, and proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia," conveying a tract of 129 acres of land in Culpeper county to Isaac Campbell, dated October 6, 1776.—Also, a deed executed by the same party, conveying a certain tract of land in the county of Fairfax to George Fairfax, Esq., and Sarah Carlyle, son and daughter of William Fairfax Esq., of that county, and dated in 1748. Besides [illegible], the same party had in his possession several other deeds, and any number of blank certificates of stock in the Sperryville and Rappahannock Turnpike Company. All these were, of course, stolen from the clerk's office of Culpeper or Fairfax counties, and were, perhaps, intended to be used by the enterprising Yankee as a title to the lands which they conveyed a century ago. Another party had prepared himself in advance with the means of escape, and had in his boot a saw some eighteen inches in length. With the exception of the officers, the party seemed to be well satisfied with their situation.





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