Richmond Dispatch, 9/30/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/30/1862, p. 2, c. 2

The following are the names of the Yankee officers captured at Shepherdstown, Va., and sent to this city on Sunday, viz: Lt. Col. Theodore Jones, 20th Ohio; John Brown, Captain do., D. F. Gilliam, 69th Pa., M. Dobaney, 1st Lieut. 42d N. Y., B. W. Minor, 2d Lieut. 34th N. Y.; James Kirk, 1st Lieut. do.; J. G. Butler, 2d Lieut. 7th Maine; J. S. Garsed, 1st Lieut. 23d Pennsylvania. We believe the Captain John Brown, of the 20th Ohio regiment, one of the captives named above, is a son of the veritable “Old John Brown” whose body now “lies mouldering in the ground,” and whose exploits at Harper's Ferry in initiating the present negro crusade against the South are known to the world. A few months since, the fact that John Brown, Jr., was raising a company in Ohio to avenge his father's death, was paraded with a great flourish of trumpets by the Northern press. We do not know that there is any indictment pending against John Brown, Jr., for his participation in the insurrection at Harper’s Ferry, but if there is, and Capt. John Brown, of Ohio, should prove to be the son of old Brown, proceedings against him should be commenced without delay.





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