From Richmond Dispatch, 9/8/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Arrival of Manassas Prisoners. – The following named Yankee officers and Negro prisoners were received at the C S Prison, corner of Cary and 20th streets, Saturday, Sept. 6th from Gordonsville, via Central Railroad, at p o’clock, viz: Lieut Col J F Pierson, 1st N Y; Lieut- Col R A Bachia, 87th N Y; Capt Z Baird, A D C to Gen Milroy; C A Rollina, 4th Maine; L G King, 16th Mass; W H Leycraft, 87th N Y; D P Jones, 83d Pa; J C Conser, 105th Pa; Jno C Lasson, 87th N Y; Jas H Bradt, 101st N Y; E Bishop, 2d N J; C Wrebeck, 2d N J; D Schortz, 12th Pa Cav; Wm Fisher, A D C to Gen McClellan, attached to Gen Rickett's Staff; 1st Lieuts Geo C Moqk, 1st Michigan; Geo W Duncan, 1st N Y; J D Schuller, 87th N Y; R H McAteer, 12th Pa Cav; Geo Hudson, Adj't 87th N Y; Geo Van Vient, 105th Pa; Romane Roff, 97th N Y; A W Norris, 107th Pa; 2d Lieut A G Bonsall, Acting Adj't 12th Pa Cav; 1st Lieuts Henry Bower, Adj't 73d Pa; J M Liniard, A D C to Gen Birney; W T Allen, 1st N Y; C B Brockway, 1st Pa Art; H E Tr. Maine, A A A G, Sickles's Brigade; E P Berry, Q M 5th N J; C D McLean, 1st U S Sharpshooters; M M Jones, 2d N Y Art; H O Hooker, do; A G Heffron, 79th N Y; R P Bi by, Adj't 6th N H; Geo Wehn, 12th Pa Cav; Abram Lang, 12th Pa Cav; 2d Lieuts John Stepper, 1st Mich; A E Chester, 1st Ohio Cav; Chas J McClure, 11th Ohio; F Pendergrast, 38th N Y; L B Sampson, 84th Pa; Warren Cox, 3d Me; Thos Murley, 12th Pa Cav; Dellass Chase, 12th Pa Cav; J C Briscoe, engineer on Geo Kearney's staff; M Koneysbig, 12th Pa Cav; A J Huntzinger, 2d Md; M B Owen, 57 Pa; S Johnson, 38th N Y; Chas T Dwight, A D C Gen Sickles; Lewis Fisher, 74 Pa; Jno Judge, 87th N Y; D O Beckwith, 87th N Y; C D Fenton, 97 Ny; E G Downing, Adj't 97th Ny; Chas. Zimmerman, 12th Pa Cav; C Kollinsky 2d N Y art; H C Jackson, 48th Pa. Besides the above, there were about 57 members of the 1st, 2d, and 3d Va. regiments, (Pierpont's satellites,) mostly with very outlandish names, for persons claiming to be Virginia volunteers. The following citizens were also in the group, having been found in suspicious company, viz:—J L Smith, Matthew Bryce, Talmadge Thorne, Samuel Davis, W T Smith, Jno G Webster, W W Gardner. Negroes — Tom Genus, from N Y, free boy; Geo Jordan do, Pa; Tom Jackson, N Y, do; Esau, slave of Wm Bowen, who has taken the oath of allegiance to Lincoln's Government; Chas Montgomery, free, from Washington; R B Wilson, free, Ohio; and Jno Williams, free, from Alexandria, Va. All the white men in the above lot who bore commissions are considered as belonging to Pope's, army and are therefore not prisoners of war.

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