From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/8/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Current Items. – Fifty men who were confined in Castle Thunder for light offences, have been sent away under guard to rebuild the bridge over the Rapidan river, destroyed by the Yankees.—The German female arrested at Gordonsville two weeks since, while attempting to make her way South from Pennsylvania, has been released from Castle Thunder by order of Gen. Winder.—She could not speak a word of English. The permit she had to pass the enemy's lines was signed by the notorious Steinwehr.—Andrew Donovan has been put in Castle Thunder for presenting forged pay rolls to the Paymaster.—Wm. R. Rountree for selling liquor contrary to law. –James Mazingo, a free negro, for disloyalty — Lewis N. Rollins, a citizen of King George, for being a rampant Union man; and C. W. Ronnins, member of the 47th Va. Reg't, for deserting to the Yankees and remaining, with them until arrested.





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