From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/4/1862

Made His Escape. - On calling the roll of the Yankee officers yesterday morning one of them, named Marston, a lieutenant in a New York regiment was found missing, having disappeared during the night, whether by the negligence of the guard or otherwise is not known. His fellow captives disavowed all knowledge of his whereabouts, or the means he took to effect his liberation. On the fact being reported to Lieut. Turner, commandant of the prison, measures were immediately taken to effect his arrest. It is hardly probable he can get very far without falling into the hands of our pickets.

P. S. Since the above was written we have learned that several other Yankee officers, besides Masters, effected their escape either on Friday or Saturday night. Why they were permitted to do so remains to be accounted for. The following officers were missing at roll-call yesterday, viz: Lieut.-Col W. B. Hatch, Capt. J. M. Oakley, 1st Lieut. W. B. Masters, 2d Lieuts. Wm. Biddle and T. A. Murphy.

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