Richmond Dispatch, 8/9/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/9/1862

The Federal Officers. Preparations are being made to send off all of the Federal officers at present in confinement here. The next flag of truce from here will probably relieve us of the presence of all these worthies. At Salisbury there are a number of officers captured at the battle of Bull Run and at Lynchburg those captured in the Valley by General Jackson. They, with the men who may have been confined with them, are expected in Richmond in a day or two. The persistent efforts of Col. Corcoran (now at Salisbury) to gain notoriety, by addressing letters intended to show him up in the character of a martyr to persons in the North has served the purpose of making him odious in the eyes of Southern people; yet, we are informed by those having the best means of knowing, that Corcoran has demeaned himself remarkably well for several months past during which time there has been a cessation of these interminable letters about his willingness to give up the ghost for the old flag.

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