Richmond Dispatch, 9/24/62

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/24/1862

Federal Prisoners. – There are now, including Pope’s officers, and free negroes, some three hundred and sixty Federal prisoners confined at the Libby prison. This number may be materially reduced in a few days by the sending home of all those able to bear removal. In the last batch sent off were included seven of the so-called citizens of Washington, or Department clerks, captured at the last battle of Manassas, who made their appearance on that field for the pretended purpose of attending to the wounded, but in reality to gloat over the presumed defeat of the Confederate soldiers engaged in that memorable contest.

in the same paper:
From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/24/1862

Arrival of Yankee Prisoners. – Five men belonging to the 1st Maryland cavalry, (a Yankee regiment,) captured in Maryland by Gen. Lee’s forces, on the 10th inst., were brought to Richmond on the Central train last evening. They were lodged in the Libby prison. The train that is due this evening will bring down from the Culpeper C. H. hospital, sixty-six Yankees, who have been remaining there since the engagement near that place. There are several officers in the lot, and the following Surgeons, viz: J. F. Day, 10th Maryland regiment; E. S. Bissell, 5th Conn.; A. M. Heller, 28th N. Y.; John B. Coover, Assistant Surgeon, 46th Penn. They will be sent home from this point.

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