From the Richmond Enquirer, 9/21/1861, p. 3, c. 2

AN INTERESTING RELIC. - We have been permitted to examine, in the possession of Col. Thomas H. Wynne, the popular and accomplished Superintendent of the Richmond and Petersburg railroad, an interesting relic of the early history of Virginia, recently found upon the site of Jamestown. This souvenir of an eventful age, long since fled, consists of the fore-arm of an ancient armor suit, manufactured from steel, so finely tempered, that it has resisted even the corroding influences of time, and though deeply coated with rust, retains to this day something of its original elasticity and power of resistance. The supposition is that the relic is the joint of an armor which was brought from England to gratify the family pride of its possessor, and that its origin dates to a period more remote even than the discovery of Jamestown. It will prove an interesting addition to Col. Wynne's valuable cabinet of rare curiosities.

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