From the Richmond Enquirer,
10/17/1862, p. 2, c. 4

SUNSET FROM CHURCH HILL. - We have gorgeous sunsets from hills about Richmond, if the people would only enjoy them. One of our choice day-departures, amid these mellow autumnal evenings, puts to blush the rarest and rosiest of the world-famous Italian sunsets, and “days that die on Caucasus.” The chastened glories of the hour may be compared with the sumptuous magnificence of the poet’s “divinest dream of love,” just before it collapses into disappointment. A friend who has gazed from the most picturesque localities of the old world, who has witnessed the day close among the heights of Alpine grandeur; who has seen from among the memories of Santo Marco and the Bridge of Sighs, the sun disrobe himself amid the blushing Heavens for his evening nap; who has seen a real, live Italian sunset, tells us that he prefers the sunset from Church Hill, with its fore-ground of spires, river, field and forest. – Englishmen and Yankees visit Italy, and are in raptures. But an American, from the South, is disappointed, for he has lived and imbibed the spirit of appreciation amidst more beautiful displays of nature’s magnificence. The “Sunny South” may be proud of her sunsets.


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