From the Richmond Enquirer, 10/1/1862, p. 1, c. 7

ANOTHER MILITARY HUMBUG. – Every afternoon a strong detachment of able-bodied men is stationed at the Central depot, forming a cordon entirely around that extensive establishment, and enclosing the train as it comes in. The object of this arrangement is to arrest stragglers, and now and then a few of those unfortunates are picked up and marched away under guard. The blockade of the depot is complete, no one being allowed to enter the cordon and no soldier being permitted to pass out without the proper vouchers. All this may look military-like, but its absurdity is apparent when a single moment’s reflection will show that two men, by going to Hanover Junction in the Accommodation train, and returning on the mail, could accomplish the whole work without the slightest difficulty, but in a manner far more effective, economical and quiet than by this parade of bayonets and bravado. These two men would have ample time to pass through the cars, discover every straggler, place them under arrest, and, upon arriving in the city, march them to the guard house. This could be done simply by one going through the train examining certificates, whole the other gathered up the delinquents and put them together. It is to be hoped, for the sake of the Government, that its agents will stop making themselves ridiculously, and allow the citizens and the institutions of Richmond to work along with becoming order, unmolested by any more of this military tomfoolery and humbug.


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