From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/11/1862

GOOD WATER TO DRINK. - One of the most liberal and least expensive kindnesses which can now be bestowed upon the sick and wounded in our midst, would be a supply of good drinking water, sent to the different hospitals, by those of our citizens who are so fortunate as to have wells and springs on their premises. The Richmond city water is absolutely disgusting to persons in good health, and is sickening to those who are not. Let the citizens, so favored, at once go promptly to work, and send half-a-dozen buckets, each, a day, to some neighboring hospital. It is one of the least, as well as one of the greatest goods they can do. In the meantime, the City fathers or the Governor will be doing a great benefit by multiplying pipes at the spring in the south-east corner of Capitol square. - This place is crowded daily, from the earliest hours of day to late hours of the evening, by persons, principally soldiers, eager to wet their lips with the pure water that wells up, through one little pipe, on the spot. Very few, unaccustomed to the Richmond city water, can drink it without deleterious results. In the name of humanity, let some provision be at once made for the soldiers in the city.

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