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From the Richmond Enquirer, 9/5/1862

THE NOTORIOUS RUCKER. - This infamous individual, whose character as a spy has introduced him through the press to the public and "all the rest of mankind," may be considered perfectly safe until the day of his judgment. He is confined in an apartment in Castle Thunder, with a number of other prisoners, amongst whom is placed a guard, armed with a musket. He cannot move without being seen, and is guarded as carefully, by day as well as by night, both in slumber and in waking, as if he himself were an Argus, always at rest, and ever awake and ready to spring upon a victim or escape confinement. There is no danger of the "Doctor's" getting out of Castle Thunder. 

A WHOLESOME ORDER. - For some time past the corner of 14th and Main street has been the rendezvous of a horde of loafers, whose daily assemblies have provoked the remark of passing citizens. - On Wednesday, General Winder issued an order for the arrest of all such parties, and his special police closed in upon the crowd collected at that particular spot and locked them up in Castle Thunder.

Loafing has been quite a prominent feature with the “exempts” of a certain class, and the step for the suppression of the habit is greatly to be approved.

THUNDER STRUCK. - The following parties were incarcerated in Castle Thunder on yesterday:

Charles Jelfs, suspicious character, arrested for prowling through the Exchange Hotel with false keys; E. S. Hide and Roger McGann, for operating on forged pay rolls; Elizabeth Needham, of Lynchburg, for being a suspicious character; Jacob Goldstein, passing counterfeit money, and J. G. Alderson, sent from North Carolina by General Loring, charged with disloyalty.

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