From the Richmond Examiner, 3/4/1862, p. 2

KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPLE. – It is the universal conviction that Franklin Stearns, by means of his whiskey, has killed more of our men and done more to disorganize our army than all the balance of the Yankee nation put together. While he has been reaping a golden harvest of near five thousand dollars a day, his vile deleterious distillations have busily sapped the health and strength of our soldiers, extending its baneful influence not only to those within this city, but to the picket guard of the outposts of the army in the Commonwealth. We need not enlarge upon this subject, what we have said must be palpably true even to the most obtuse.

How very congenial must his business have been to so shining a “Union man!” Whilst his whiskey put money in his purse it was dealing death and destruction in the ranks of the rebellion!