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Index of selected articles from the Richmond Examiner during the Civil War.

Richmond Examiner 6/26/1861; cholera victim at Camp Lee buried at Shockoe Cemetery
Richmond Examiner 7/27/1861; slave of Wm. Greanor was arrested for throwing a rock
Richmond Examiner 7/29/1861; condemnation of two ladies, living on Church Hill, who are attending the Yankee wounded [Elizabeth Van Lew and her mother]
Richmond Examiner 7/31/1861; account of a shooting incident at Harwood's prison (future GH#24)
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; Gilliam's Factory becomes hospital (GH#3)
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; Ad for tobacco at Hardgrove Factory
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; 50 patients in Main Street Hospital (Ross' Factory)
Richmond Examiner 9/27/1861; Fire at C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Examiner 9/27/1861; A southern turncoat is among the prisoners at General Hospital #1
Richmond Examiner 9/30/1861; Dr. Bolton reports 51 patients in Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Examiner 9/30/1861; Texas Soldier dies at St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Examiner 10/1/1861; new hospital at Pleasants & Frazier (GH#14)
Richmond Examiner 10/4/1861; Yankee prisoners, kept at General Hospital #1, to be exchanged
Richmond Examiner 10/4/1861; Yankee prisoner escapes from Ross' Factory
Richmond Examiner 10/7/1861; Hon. Alfred Ely (US Congressman) presented with a mock sword in prison
Richmond Examiner 10/11/1861; 40 Federal prisoners being treated at GH#1; details about Mrs. Ricketts coming to Richmond to nurse her wounded husband
Richmond Examiner 10/11/1861; man arrested for trespassing at Turpin & Yarborough's tobacco factory, "now used as a hospital."
Richmond Examiner 10/11/1861; Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, to be confiscated by the Confederate States government because of owner's disloyalty
Richmond Examiner 10/16/1861; Masonic fraternity offers hall as hospital
Richmond Examiner 10/16/1861; Federal prisoners removed from GH#1 and moved to prison on Main st.
Richmond Examiner 11/4/1861; Tents blown down at Camp Lee and Dimmock
Richmond Examiner 11/4/1861; Two Yankee prisoners, permitted leave in the city, attempt to escape, but are re-captured
Richmond Examiner 12/2/1861; hospitals established in Grant factories (GH#12)
Richmond Examiner 3/6/1862; Unionists and grog-sellers have been confined in McDaniel's jail (Castle Godwin)
Richmond Examiner 4/26/1862; sick prisoners in Libby
Richmond Examiner 5/2/1862; St. Charles Hotel (GH#8) being used as a hospital
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1862; ladies needed to help at GH#1
Richmond Examiner 6/21/1862; four prisoners arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1862; account of refusal of the guard at Libby Prison to do duty there
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1862; U. S. Hotel (GH#10) to be converted to hospital use
Richmond Examiner 7/2/1862; list of prisons in use at Richmond, including Libby and others
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1862; hospitals opened at Bosher's carriage factory and Lainers' warehouse (under the Spotswood)
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1862; Kent & Paine Hospital (GH#5) has a list of patients published at the door
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; 125 Union officers formerly at Libby Prison have been moved from Libby prison to the new officers' prison on 18th street
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; Gens. McCall, Reynolds & Rankin have been moved from the Spotswood Hotel to "Bond's" warehouse on 18th st.
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; new hospital has been opened at Crawford's saloon, by Mr. Ezell of SC
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; new prisons needed; Warwick's mill is being prepared
Richmond Examiner 7/7/1862; Camp Lee is being considered for use as a prison
Richmond Examiner 7/7/1862; many Yankees brought to the "hospital on Cary, near Twentieth street"
Richmond Examiner 7/8/1862; fire at GH#5
Richmond Examiner 7/11/1862; Spottswood Hotel and Danville RR shop to be used as hospitals
Richmond Examiner 7/11/1862; list of wounded received at Chimborazo
Richmond Examiner 7/12/1862; cots are being made for Union wounded at Libby Prison; says that many prisoners will soon be sent to Belle Isle
Richmond Examiner 7/14/1862; prisoners have been sent to Belle Isle, officers are confined in Crenshaw warehouse (within Tredegar Iron Works); account of letters sent from Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1862; praise of ladies working at Howard Hospital (GH#22), located in Atkinson's factory
Richmond Examiner 7/22/1862; Crew Factory Hospital (GH#15) in good order
Richmond Examiner 7/22/1862; prisoners at Libby sent to Belle Isle; there are 4,700 there now. Wounded prisoners (1,000) remain at Libby
Richmond Examiner 7/23/1862; Libby Prison has become a hospital for sick prisoners; well prisoners are at Belle Isle. Lt. Turner is in charge
Richmond Examiner 7/25/1862; Yankee prisoners are being paroled, very few remain in Richmond; mortality amongst prisoners is 50%+
Richmond Examiner 7/25/1862; Wm. Carrington, surgeon at GH#10 thanks contributors; says Carrington is also in charge of "temporary hospitals"
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Notice that two men from Winder Hospital have been dispatched to the countryside to purchase subsistence items
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Oakwood cemetery described negatively; men are buried 3 deep
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; escapee from Castle Godwin, Lacy, has been re-captured
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Medical Purveyor's office receives a generous donation from employees at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Examiner 9/19/1862; Three companies of Marylanders are at Camp Maryland, contiguous to Camp Winder
Richmond Examiner 9/24/1862; Belle Isle, now empty, is being fumigated
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Castle Thunder details
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Libby prison items - 150 yankees paroled
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Engineer Bureau Hospital described
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Canal boat sinks near Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Examiner 3/14/1863; Libby Prison items; gives details of the capture of Brig. Gen. E. H. Stoughton, at Fairfax Court House; Stoughton & others initially lodged at Ballard house, dragged out at night by provost marshals
Richmond Examiner 3/14/1863; Explosion at C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Examiner 3/14/1863; two Confederate deserters put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 4/1/1863; 815 Yankee prisoners have been paroled from Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 4/1/1863; eight prisoners, including six Yankee deserters, are registered at Libby, from Weldon, N. C.
Richmond Examiner 4/3/1863; hospital at Castle Thunder moved to 21st between Main & Cary
Richmond Examiner 4/3/1863; list of alleged bread rioters that were arrested are are being examined by the Mayor today
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; editorial regarding the recent bread riot
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases, including Mary Jackson and Dr. Thomas M. Palmer, surgeon at the Florida Hospital (GH#11)
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; reaction to a former Libby prisoner's writings
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; buildings of the C. S. Laboratory have been rebuilt
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; Castle Thunder items
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; captured United States flags are stored at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; youthful rock battles are occurring daily on Gamble's Hill
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; the Richmond City Battalion (25th Bn VA Inf) is understood to be leaving the city for active service due to unsavory types infesting its ranks
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; Canal Basin bridge at 8th street, which collapsed under the weight of passing Yankee prisoners, is annoying by its absence
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; account of the arraignment of Thomas Palmer, Surgeon at the Florida Hospital; J. H. Gilmer and G. W. Randolph are the accused's legal counsel
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; The Spotswood Hotel is enlarging its facilities
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; prisoner at Castle Thunder was shot at and wounded after verbally abusing a guard
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; many prisoners have arrived at Libby Prison; a flag of truce exchanged prisoners yesterday
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; two Yankee POWs, who had taken an oath of allegiance to the CSA, attempted to escape back to Union lines and were recaptured and sent to Libby, then to Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; denial by Martha Goode that she is one of the bread rioters - claims someone is using her name
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; Castle Thunder items; notes that two members of the city battalion (the guards for the Richmond prisons) have been imprisoned for sleeping at their posts
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; denial of the rumor that the Spotswood Hotel is closing
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; a portion of the detective force stationed at Castle Thunder has been sent to work for the Provost Marshal
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; more cases at the Mayor's Court from the Bread Riot
Richmond Examiner 4/18/1863; Two artillerists, including a man from Battery #2, who escaped from Castle Thunder have been recaptured
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1863; prisoner is shot and killed while trying to escape Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1863; between two and three thousand Yankee prisoners arrive and quartered at Crew's factory
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1863; Castle Thunder admittees; 1300 Yankees arrived at Libby yesterday - if this rate keeps up, Belle Isle will be re-opened
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1863; two prisoners at Castle Thunder die of Small Pox
Richmond Examiner 5/14/1863; prisoners at Libby and Belle Isle are being paroled
Richmond Examiner 5/15/1863; GH#22 in excellent order
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; fire at Crenshaw Mills and Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; Belle Isle is vacant of prisoners
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; Polish soldiers in Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/18/1863; Tredegar employees are retaining their jobs, despite damage to the works
Richmond Examiner 5/19/1863; GH#22 mortality rate 3 1/8%; others, 5%
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; care of patients at Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; escape attempt at Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; 764 Yankee prisoners in Richmond, including 250 officers
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; large, new Confederate flag is being flown over Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; ruined wall at Tredegar falls down, injuring several
Richmond Examiner 6/13/1863; fire at Seabrook's (GH#9)
Richmond Examiner 6/13/1863; 50 Yankees arrive at Libby Prison hospital, including Capt. Wm. Sawyer
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1863; damaged Tredegar departments are being restored to operation; Crenshaw mills will not be rebuilt
Richmond Examiner 7/11/1863; Seabrook's (GH#9) emptied to receive wounded from Gettysburg
Richmond Examiner 7/17/1863; 1500 wounded from Gettysburg distributed to Richmond hospitals from GH#9
Richmond Examiner 7/17/1863; no more visitors will be allowed at Drewry's Bluff
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1863; Yankee prisoner at "the prison opposite Castle Thunder" is shot by the guard for leaning out the window.
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1863; A member of the Washington Artillery, a four-time escapee from Castle Thunder has been recaptured and put back in Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1863; negro soldier discovered on Belle Isle while paroling prisoners
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1863; 1,006 prisoners paroled from Belle Isle and sent north
Richmond Examiner 7/27/1863; GH#22 closed; Jackson opened
Richmond Examiner 7/28/1863; prisoners at Castle Thunder now have access to the "large plaza" attached to it
Richmond Examiner 7/28/1863; 4,300 total prisoners in Richmond; 3,309 at Belle Isle; several thousand paroled recently
Richmond Examiner 8/6/1863; sick and disabled on furlough to GH#12
Richmond Examiner 8/6/1863; 500 prisoners at Castle Thunder will be released
Richmond Examiner 9/1/1863; Belle Isle has 4 - 5,000 prisoners
Richmond Examiner 9/1/1863; Commandants of Libby and Castle Thunder have been called back for duty, after leave of absence of 15 days
Richmond Examiner 9/1/1863; Few arrivals at Libby prison
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; Guard at Libby Prison shoots three fellow guards
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; 8,550 prisoners at Belle Isle
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; Guard at Belle Isle put in Castle Thunder for trading with prisoners
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; Maryland officer dies in the Libby Prison hospital
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; city wants Almshouse (GH#1) back for the poor
Richmond Examiner 1/1/1864; New Year's dinner donations to Camp Lee
Richmond Examiner 2/11/1864; good description of the "great escape" from Libby Prison. Castle Thunder mentioned.
Richmond Examiner 2/12/1864; 22 Libby escapees re-captured and description of the breakout
Richmond Examiner 2/15/1864; recapturing Libby escapee anecdotes
Richmond Examiner 2/15/1864; recapturing Libby escapee anecdotes
Richmond Examiner 2/16/1864; No more escapees from Libby have been captured.
Richmond Examiner 2/20/1864; Major General Scammon and staff brought to Libby; 58 escapees have been recaptured
Richmond Examiner 3/2/1864; detective killed at "deserters' prison" opposite Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 3/3/1864; man drowns in canal opposite Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 3/3/1864; list of wounded received at GH#9
Richmond Examiner 3/5/1864; account of the Dahlgren Raid and the papers found on Dahlgren's body
Richmond Examiner 3/30/1864; Libby and Belle Isle are nearly empty
Richmond Examiner 4/23/1864; 40 acre vegetable garden at Jackson Hosp.; now library wanted
Richmond Examiner 5/5/1864; Seabrook's (GH#9) readied for arrival of wounded
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1864; Seabrook's (GH#9) readied for arrival of wounded
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1864; bandages needed at GH#4
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1864; 78 prisoners at Castle Thunder sent to Salisbury, NC
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1864; rumor that 100 officers in Libby Prison will be sent to Danville
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1864; 879 wounded have arrived at GH#9
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1864; 113 Yankee prisoners arrive; only 29 officers in Libby
Richmond Examiner 5/13/1864; 33 wounded officers at GH#4 including Gen. Gordon
Richmond Examiner 5/13/1864; more wounded arriving at GH#9 and Howard's Grove
Richmond Examiner 5/13/1864; 53 Yankees, including 1 officer, arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Yankee shot at Pemberton's warehouse
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Ten prisoners arrive at Libby Prison; the bulk of prisoner's from the Army of the Potomac are going straight to Lynchburg
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; "Idlers" will no longer be allowed to visit the hospitals
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; 1300 wounded arrive at Seabrook's warehouse (GH#9)
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Yankee wounded are being treated at General Hospital #21
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; "The Winder Guards," a unit made up of prisoners from Castle Thunder are on duty "at the front"
Richmond Examiner 5/17/1864; Howard's Grove, Winder, Jackson, and Receiving (GH#9) Hospitals need nurses
Richmond Examiner 5/18/1864; sights and sounds at GH#21 (cries & groans of distress)
Richmond Examiner 5/19/1864; 1300 Yankees arrive at Richmond; two Yankee surgeons assigned to General Hospital #21
Richmond Examiner 5/19/1864; list of wounded officers at General Hospital #4
Richmond Examiner 5/20/1864; Yankee colonel who arrived at Libby was wearing bullet-proof armor.
Richmond Examiner 5/20/1864; General Gordon dies at the Officer's Hospital (GH#4)
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1864; 4,419 admitted to GH#9 between 5/6 & 5/20
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1864; 300 prisoners in Castle Thunder, from the "Winder Legion" will be released
Richmond Examiner 5/23/1864; list of Yankee officers in the Libby Prison hospital; notes that there are 85 prisoners currently in Libby
Richmond Examiner 5/25/1864; wounded prisoners at GH#21, Ross Factory, & 2nd Alabama
Richmond Examiner 5/25/1864; VMI cadets arrive in Richmond, parade in Capitol Square and hear speeches from Governor Smith and President Davis
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; VMI cadets parade and receive a new stand of colors
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; total number of prisoners registered at Libby Prison since July 1861 is ninety-seven thousand
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; The Winder Legion, a unit comprised of prisoners from Castle Thunder, has acquitted itself well in the field; Davis granted them amnesty, and they are now seeking permanent status
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; Second-class militia detailed to guard prisons and hospitals while regulars are in the field
Richmond Examiner 5/30/1864; 157 prisoners admitted to Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/30/1864; AAG for Gen. Bragg inspects Libby Prison and Castle Thunder and finds them pleasing
Richmond Examiner 5/31/1864; Confederate deserter (4th VA Cav, Co. A) found amongst the prisoners at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/31/1864; 1100 POWs from Libby are to be sent to Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 6/2/1864; 700 Yankees in GH21; "Ligon's factory" opened to handle the excess numbers
Richmond Examiner 6/2/1864; deaths in the Richmond hospitals is (percentage wise) less than it was during the seven days battles
Richmond Examiner 6/3/1864; Stuart Hospital opened yesterday
Richmond Examiner 6/3/1864; 275 prisoners received at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/3/1864; 100 wounded brought in and distributed among the hospitals
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; description of the the Battle of Cold Harbor, through June 3.
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; the remains of Colonel Keitt, 20th SC Infantry, who was killed on June 1 were taken to the Danville depot for transportation to South Carolina
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; new arrivals at Castle Thunder, including one supposedly insane man
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; 800 Yankee wounded are in Richmond
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; appeal for citizens to send supplies to the hospitals, which are lacking greatly
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; description of the funeral of a member of the Fayette Artillery, who was killed at Cold Harbor, and his interment in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Examiner 6/8/1864; wounded Yankee officer dies at the Libby Prison hospital
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; 1100 prisoners shipped to Andersonville yesterday; Gen. Winder ordered there; Libby Prison will be the receiving depot for prisoners taken north of Richmond, with their destination being Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; More prisoners received at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; persons shirking duty are sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 6/11/1864; 1100 wounded and sick Yankee prisoners at GH21
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; few inmates in Libby Prison - most of them are being sent south to Andersonville as fast as they come in
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; describes the beneficial use of tobacco warehouses as prisons and hospitals to the Confederacy
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; few new prisoners at Castle Thunder, list of those who have been admitted recently
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; Thirty Yankee prisoners arrive at Libby
Richmond Examiner 6/18/1864; description of what Richmond has given up as the Confederate capital
Richmond Examiner 6/18/1864; ice for the hospitals is now in abundance
Richmond Examiner 6/21/1864; more wounded arrive at GH#9
Richmond Examiner 6/22/1864; Libby Prison is now recording the country of origin of prisoners
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; Confederate deserter (former Lt. Col. of 18th TN) is found amongst Yankees at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; Ladies bearing food and goodies are turned away from Stuart Hospital and demand an explanation
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; 20-30 prisoners arrive at Libby with 2 officers
Richmond Examiner 6/24/1864; explanation from surgeon in charge of Stuart Hospital as to why ladies were refused admittance
Richmond Examiner 6/25/1864; 676 enlisted  prisoners and 67 officers arrive at Libby Prison; list of some of the more prominent officers
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; 3000 prisoners arrive in Richmond, Libby is full and Belle Isle has been reopened
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; No more flag of truce steamers will be allowed
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; insolent Yankee POW struck (and knocked out) for making a slur upon a Richmond lady
Richmond Examiner 6/28/1864; over 4,000 prisoners in Richmond, but not one arrived at Libby yesterday
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; description of boxing match at Castle Thunder and reception of new prisoners
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; Details of the imprisonment of Dr. Mary Walker in Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; member of detail escorting prisoners to Libby Prison is too polite to the prisoners
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; notes that no money is taken from the prisoners at Castle Thunder - the quartermaster keeps it for them
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; Mortality in Richmond hospitals is remarkably small
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; Cage items; notes that no new criminals are being brought in
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; the canal basin is nasty - if it is drained, murdered corpses are likely to be found
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; hilarious account of a "fistic scene."
Richmond Examiner 7/1/1864; Belle Isle has been re-opened as a prison
Richmond Examiner 7/1/1864; Sutler's post at Castle Thunder has been abolished
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; Richmond prisons, except Castle Thunder and Belle Isle, are nearly empty
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; No new admittees at the cage
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; Surgeon General is going to diminish the number of hospitals, because few patients are remaining in the hospitals; the good condition is accredited to the abundance of ice
Richmond Examiner 7/8/1864; Belle Isle is once again uninhabited - all the prisoners have been sent south; hostages and special prisoners are kept at Libby
Richmond Examiner 7/8/1864; few new arrivals to the military prisons
Richmond Examiner 7/14/1864; escape attempt at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; rumor of Chimborazo in flames is not true - the fire is in the country
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; very few prisoners left in Richmond; they have been forwarded to Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; "particular class" of prisoner from Castle Thunder will be sent to Salisbury, NC
Richmond Examiner 7/19/1864; department at Castle Thunder is reserved for "depraved and abandoned women"
Richmond Examiner 7/19/1864; John J. Lindsay, arrested for falsely claiming that he was the agent for Chimborazo, proves that he is (or was) and is released
Richmond Examiner 7/19/1864; 20 prisoners arrive at Libby, but no officers
Richmond Examiner 8/4/1864; appeal to move all sick prisoners to Belle Isle
Richmond Examiner 8/4/1864; North Carolina Soldiers' Home is at the old Union hotel; surgeon from GH#24 is in charge of relief assn.
Richmond Examiner 8/4/1864; 53 prisoners at Castle Thunder have been sent to Salisbury, N. C.
Richmond Examiner 10/10/1864; 10,100 received at GH#9 July - Sept.
Richmond Examiner 11/9/1864; fire at the Libby Prison stables

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