M437, 6/30/1864

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From the National Archives, M437 (Letters Received by the Confederate Secretary of War 1861-1865), Roll #141

Chimborazo Hospital No. 2, June 30th 1864

To Surgeon J. B. McCaw

Sir, I herewith return your communication of W. F. Spool(?) to the Hon. Sec. of War and forward you the reply of G. L. Gates Hospital Steward in relation to W. H. Craig. As to the moral character of the said Craig I know nothing, but believe from what I have recently heard from several citizens on Church Hill of respectability, that his character for integrity and honesty has never before been assailed.

He was admitted into the Hospital on the 7th day of the present month having been examined by Conscript Board and found incapable of performing field duty because of wound in the leg received some years since severing Tend. Achilles and for which he has been detailed by said Board for Hospital duty. W. H. Craig says he knows no person by the name of W. F. Spool(?) and thinks the communication annoying.

I am Very Respectfully
Sir Yr Obt Servt
S. E. Habersham
Surgeon in charge

Richmond Va
June 21st 1864

Secretary of war Dear Sir I drop you a few lines to let you know the particulars of some of our highway robers for we cannot call them anything Better than Robers they have strove very hard ever since the war commenced to keep out of servise and has paid the loyers and doctors very high to keep them out of service But at last has Been past fit for service

William Craig who was sent to Chimborazo about too weeks ago he says it is astonishing to see so many well harted men as thar is there to do nothing he says there is nothing for him to do and its well that ther aint for its very little he intends to do for the south he is celling meat in market most every day he had his stall open thursday friday and saturday celling meat at the highest prices and he has been heard to say that he did not care how soon the yankees got here.

theres Robert Cruise who is a clerk at the Yankee hospital he gave a party some months since at his residence the nice things they had cannot be bought in our city such as amons lemons tramoin(?) jelly different kind of jelly preserves maple sugar loaf sugar all kinds of cakes and many other things such as the north affords.


W. F. Spool


[several letters follow attesting to the character of Craig]