RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 707, p. 116

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From the National Archives, RG 109,
Ch. 6, Vol. 707-709; “Letters Received and Sent, Chimborazo Hospital. 1861-64.” 3 Vols: Vol. 707. p. 116

Chimborazo Hospl, June 9th, 62

To Mr. Wilson,
            I will ask the favor of you to make such arrangements as will enable me to get my Hospital Beef in time to have it cooked on the day it is delivered & thus avoid great loss to the government & great suffering with the sick.

I have been, during(?) the past week or two, been receiving the beef about 11 o’clock, too late to cook it properly for the dinner of that day. To keep it until the next day is impossible as the weather is too warm & thus 2000 lbs of meat is almost thrown away except that by cooking the meat at night we in this way save it. This however deprives the men of the warm roast & steaks which they ought to have & would have, if the beef was delivered by 9 or 8 o’clock in the morning.

Calling your immediate attention to this very important matter, I am

Very Respectfully
  J. B. McCaw

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