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From W. K. Tabb CSR, M331, National Archives

Camp Winder
Nov 19th ‘62

Hon. Sec. of War,
You will pardon the very great liberty I take in addressing you this communication; and it is by no means agreeable to me - preferring as it does my own claims -

Long prior to the secession of my native state - Virginia, I repaired to Montgomery, ready - aye(?) anxious to share the fortunes of the Confederate States; I volunteered in the ranks, but the War Department was kind enough to honor me with a commission of 2d Lieut. of Infantry eighteen months ago. Since then I have served its cause with all the energy I possessed, and with the proud satisfaction of ___ing the generous ____, and the kind confidence of every commander, with whom I have served.

Gentlemen, who entered the service long subsequent to myself, I now find taking rank far above me: were merit and service the enterion of their promotion alone, I would feel myself by no means mortified, but conscious of having discharged my full duty, in every position in which it has pleased the Government to place me; it is indeed a source of some humiliation, imparting as it does rather a reflection. I now am commanding the Military Department at Camp Winder: I have organized a guard of 142 men, whose discipline, drill, and soldierly attainments, I would willingly compare with any corps in the service of this - or any other government. This command entitles me to a higher rank than a 2d Lieut. of Infantry. You will pardon my thus alluding to myself - but if fidelity in discharge of duty - united with every energy of which I was capable, to advance the great cause we have espoused, merits the kind consideration of the Government, then I feel not altogether unjustified in invoking a small portion in my own behalf.

With High Respect,
Your Obt Servt
W Kemp Tabb
2d Lieut C. S. Infantry
Comd’g Guard Camp Winder