From the New York Times, 2/23/1888


RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 22. One of the parties connected with the syndicate which proposes to purchase Libby Prison and remove it to Chicago is expected here to-morrow to consummate the purchase of this property. Another party interested in the same scheme has been here for the past two days, examining the building and inquiring the feeling of the people here in regard to its removal for the purposes for which its prospective purchasers design it. He left, feeling confident, it is thought, that the building can safely be removed, and with the assurances of many who claim to know the feeling of the public mind that no objection will be raised against the removal of this historic old prison house. If the building is purchased no one will attempt to prevent its removal, but there is a sentiment here against demolishing Libby Prison and carrying it to Chicago or elsewhere, to be placed upon exhibition. The option given the Chicago capitalists expires Feb. 28. If they do not pay off the purchase on that day the option terminates.

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