From the National Tribune, 4/21/1892

Digging Out of Libby.

J. White, Co. H, 54th Ohio, Bloomington, O., noticed Capt. Frank E. Moran’s statement that the only tools used in digging the famous tunnel out of Libby was a “broad-bladed chisel and a spittoon, with rope attachments, etc., for removing the dirt.” White says that Capt. W. S. B. Randall, 2d Ohio, at a reception tendered the Ohio Association of Union ex-Prisoners of War by Maj. Young and his excellent lady, in charge of the S. and S. Orphans’ Home, on the occasion of their Reunion at Xena, O., in 1890, was one of the speakers. In mentioning the Libby Prison tunnel and his connection with it the Captain exhibited a knife which he used in digging. This he had sacredly preserved and greatly cherished as a memento. The relic in question was what was left of a small table-knife, commonly known as a case-knife, but worn away to half its original length. It was an object of great interest, and looked upon with great admiration by the audience.

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