From the Yorkville (SC) Enquirer, 6/26/1862


We are very much pleased to see that this skillful surgeon and energetic and patriotic gentleman has been appointed to the charge of a Ward in “the Winder Hospital,” Richmond, Virginia. - And, we know, it must be exceedingly gratifying to the gallant soldiers from this District, now serving in Virginia, to read the invitation of Dr. Bratton to come to his hospital when sick or wounded.

We have been informed by those who have visited his hospital, that it is kept, as might have been expected from the character of the surgeon, in the most admirable order.

The suggestion to send him some hospital stores, we feel assured, will meet with a hearty response from the ladies of Yorkville, Bethesda, Indian Land, Clay Hill, Bethel, Beersheba and other places.

Contributions might be sent to Prof. J. R. Schorb, of Yorkville, and Mrs. Ann White, of Rock Hill. Let us all sacrifice a little for those who are periling health, limb, life, all, for us.            A.