From the Richmond Sentinel,
10/5/1863, p. 2, c. 5

Another Shooting Affair. We learn that on Friday afternoon, a shooting affair took place, in which one ball from a Mississippi rifle wounded three men two seriously and one mortally. The men who were wounded were all members of the City Battalion. It appears that during the afternoon James P. Newson, of company C, 32d N. C. regiment, was on guard in front of Castle Thunder, and had some words with a member of the battalion who was coming out of prison, where he had been on business. Shortly after, Newson, being off duty, but having his musket with him, was passing the parade ground of that portion of the parade ground which guards the Libby Prison, when some altercation occurred between him and Martin Gripp, of company F, in which Newson struck Gripp in the face. Newson sprung back and taking aim at his antagonist, fired his rifle, striking him in the breast, tearing off the flesh to the shoulder. The bullet in its course then struck private Forey, of company A, shattering his arm, (which was afterwards amputated) and finally lodged in the bowels of private Richard Morris, of company D, who was in range, inflicting a mortal wound. Newson ran a short distance but was overtaken by two of the battalion and lodged in Castle Thunder.

Newson, after being incarcerated in Castle Thunder, expressed great regret at the damage he had done, but urged as a reason that he had been driven to it by the assault made by Gripp.

P. S. Private Morris, above alluded to, has since died, and was interred on Sunday with military honors by his company.


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