From the Richmond Sentinel,
9/21/1863, p. 1, c. 7

Seabrook Hospital. During a late visit to this hospital, which is now used as a reception and forwarding depot for our sick and wounded soldiers, we were struck with the remarkable cleanliness and good taste that pervades every portion of the establishment. The arrangements for the reception and comfort of the soldiers is most thorough. Upon their arrival they are subjected to a steaming process and the administration of a shower bath, after which a dram, a good supper and clean bed is given them. The result of all this attention is, that they awake next morning refreshed and invigorated, for a move to their homes or to the hospital to which they may be transferred.

Mr. Williams, the indefatigable and polite Steward, as well as the efficient surgeon in charge, deserve the heartfelt thanks of the soldiers and their friends for their kind attention to their wants.


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