From the Richmond Sentinel, 11/23/63

Seabrook’s General Receiving Hospital. – This hospital is used for the reception of all sick and wounded soldiers upon their arrival in the city. Immediately upon their reception, their wounds are dressed, their persons thoroughly cleansed, (a bathing room, furnishing all the facilities for so doing, being attached to the hospital, where both hot and cold baths can be indulged in,) and every attention and kindness shown to these poor fellows. Here all is order and system, no jarring in the machinery, no clashing of adverse opinion; but everything moves smoothly, and the operations are conducted with facility. When patients are in a fit state, they are transferred to the other hospitals in the city.

The officers in charge are: J. J. Gravatt, Surgeon; C. W. P. Brock, Assistant Surgeon; J. B. Brock, Assistant Surgeon; __ Herndon, Surgeon; D. B. Smith, Assistant Surgeon; A. T. Williams, W. T. Tentross and W. Williams, Stewards – who are certainly entitled to great praise for their untiring exertions in behalf of our wounded soldiers.

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