From the Richmond Sentinel, 12/5/1864, p. 2, c. 5

VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE - CLOTHING FOR RICHMOND TROOPS IN THE FIELD. - At a meeting of the City Council, held Saturday at 12 oíclock, the following communication from the President of the Board of Visitors of the Virginia Military Institute, was laid before the meeting:

RICHMOND, Nov. 24, 1864.

Gentlemen - I have the honor to request your consent to the occupation of the alms-house of this city by the Virginia Military Institute, which, of the buildings that can be procured, is the only one that is adapted to its accommodation. It is believed that arrangements will be completed in the month of May next, for reopening the Institute on its proper site; but it is all important, in the meantime, that the cadets should be kept together, and the exercises continued.

There would be little or no danger of fire, or other injury to the building, since a strict military police belongs to the government of the institution, and may be relied upon. It may be assumed, indeed, that the presence of the Institute within our city limits, would add to our security.

Begging to commend the application to your favorable consideration.

I am, respectfully,
Your obít servít
President Board of Visitors.

Mr. Glazebrook, from the Committee on the Alms-House, offered the following resolution, which was agreed to:

Resolved, That the communication of Mr. Macfarland be received and referred to the Committee on the Alms-House, who are hereby authorized to rent the alms-house on such terms as may be agreed upon between them and the Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute.

[remainder of article, detailing the council dealing with clothing for soldiers, was not transcribed.]


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