From Richmond Sentinel, June 21, 1864

The Hospitals - The patients in Chimborazo Hospital appear to be getting on very well, and if a little more attention was paid to their wants would improve much faster. We heard several complaints yesterday of the quality and quantity of food furnished the convalescent. If good coffee can be furnished those who are well, there is no sufficient reason why the sick and wounded should not have an abundance. We are satisfied the Surgeon General only requires his attention to be called to these complaints to have them investigated, and, if well founded, the proper remedy applied.

The various wards are well ventilated, and nearly all of them kept very cleanly. The high and open ground admits of a free circulation of air through the buildings, and does much towards improving the health of the inmates. The number of nurses employed is not sufficient to attend to the wants of all; and we would suggest to those having care of the sick that kind words and tender care is not the least thing requisite to ensure recovery. Sick men are naturally impatient and exacting, and it is the first requisite of a good nurse to be patient as well as attentive. We are of opinion that the thousands of lazy negroes, of both sexes, lounging about the streets might be made very useful, if employed as nurses and laborers, under the vigilant eyes of the ward-masters. We make these remarks in no spirit of fault finding, but simply for the purpose of bringing the subject to the notice of those having charge of the brave and suffering soldiers, who feel the need of the tender nursing of their friends at home.


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