From the Richmond Sentinel, June 22, 1864

A Leak in the Drug Shop at Chimborazo - Last Friday, a soldier offered to sell to Mr. Jas. M. Duval, Druggist, corner of Main and 10th streets, a quart bottle of quinine and several ounces of morphine for $100 [?] . The price asked for the drug was so much under the market value as to excite Mr. Duvalís suspicions that they had been stolen. Acting upon this belief, he agreed to take the drugs, and paid the soldier part of the money, fixing a time for him to call for the remainder. The soldier called at the appointed time, and was handed over to detectives Charles and Williams, who were in waiting. He turned out to be one Robt. Hitchcock, a messenger at Chimborazo hospital.

The only account he would give of the drugs was that he had bought them in the street from a man he did not know. He from his position as messenger, having no access to the drugs of the hospital, was believed to be operating in collusion with some other thief, whose position afforded him greater facilities; but all attempts to pump him on that point proved unsuccessful, as he stuck pertinaciously to his first story, that he had bought them in the street for $80 [?]. He was committed to Castle Thunder, whence he will be brought before the Mayor this morning.


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