From the Richmond Sentinel, 6/7/64

A Good Thing. The city dog-catchers yesterday made a descent upon the canines of the streets and captured considerably over a hundred. The same number could be spared every day, and still leave enough in the city to constitute a great nuisance. Food is far too scarce to be consumed by a pack of curs, who seem to have no object in life but to fill the midnight air with their yelps and howls, to the serious annoyance of the thousands of sick and wounded men who now fill every quarter of the city. We hope the Mayor will make his dog-catchers a standing institution, as it was of yore.

While the dog-catchers were performing their office yesterday, Sydney, an impudent negro, slave of John Purcell, undertook to rescue his dog from their hands. He was thrown into the cage for his interference. His dog escaped during the scuffle attending the arrest.

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