From the Confederate States of America, Department of Henrico Collection; Virginia Historical Society Mss3C7604a. Reel 2, Frame 00462

Capt Turner will oblige me by sending a memo of any charges against the following persons sent from Libby Prison. They are before me for examination, & the only memo on the books is, that they are sent from the Libby prison.

F. G. Carman        Co. E 7 Wis.    Sent July 3
Jas Binnean         Co. B 2 Md         Sent Apl 5
Lt. W. G. Dutton    Co. E 67 Penn     Sent July 10
R. C. Perkins        Co. G 18 Missouri       Sent May 22 ("charges with Capt. Turner")
John Hannah        Co. G 91 Ohio            Sent June 18
Michael Blair        Sent by Capt. Wirtz Sept 25/62

Please send reply to my office at the Eastern Dist Mil Prison

Very Respy
I. H. Carrington

Aug 12/63