From the Richmond Whig, 8/31/1861

SYCAMORE HOSPITAL. - As we have heretofore stated, the members of Sycamore Church have established a hospital for sick and wounded Confederate soldiers; and have appointed the Sunday School rooms for that purpose.

The hospital was opened on the 21st inst. Appropriate officers have been appointed; day and night nurses of their own membership and friends secured, and the entire work is now in systematic operation. There are at present some thirty patients in the hospital. The Superintendents, Messrs. Pettigrew and Dickinson appeal to their brethren and friends in the country, and in the South generally, to aid them in this work of patriotism and Christian beneficence. All hospital supplies will be duly acknowledged, and faithfully appropriated to the objects contemplated by the donors.

The establishment of this hospital does not interfere with the worship. The regular Church services will take place to-morrow (Sunday,) at 11 A. M. and 4 1/2 P. M.