From the Richmond Whig, 8/12/1862, p. 2, c. 2

ARRIVAL OF PRIONERS. – Three hundred and two prisoners, including officer, captured by Jackson’s army, arrived here yesterday morning, in a special train, on Central railroad, and were lodged in the Libby prison. – Gen. Prince, the Yankee Brigadier, were taken before Gen. Winder requested to be treated as a “prisoner-of-war.” Gen. W. informed him, in emphatic terms, that he would be treated in accordance with the terms of the orders recently issued by authority of President Davis. Prince demurred, and said he had not seen the orders, but Gen. W replied that they were imperative, and should be carried out. The illustrious Prince was then conveyed to prison, where, with his brother officers, he will enjoy “close confinement,” until the villainous orders of the land pirate Pope are revoked by competent authority.