Richmond Whig, 3/8/1864

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From the Richmond Whig, 3/8/1864, p. 1, c. 3

DAHLGREN’S BODY. - The body of Col. Ulric Dahlgren, killed in the swamps of King and Queen, by the 9th Va. Cavalry, was brought to the city Sunday night and laid at the York River depot during the greater part of the day yesterday, where large numbers of persons went to see it. It was in a pine box, clothed in Confederate shirt and pants, and shrouded in a Confederate blanket. The wooden leg had been removed by one of the soldiers. It was also noticeable that the little finger of the left hand had been cut off. Dahlgren was a small man, thin, pale, and with red hair and a goatee of the same color. His face wore an expression of agony.

About two o’clock, P. M., the corpse was removed from the depot and buried - no one knows, or is to know, where.

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