Richmond Whig, 9/17/1864

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From the Richmond Whig, 9/17/1864, p. 2, c. 5

GENERAL MORGAN'S REMAINS reached the city yesterday morning by the Danville train, and were escorted from the depot to the Capitol by the State Guard and Fire Brigade. Their arrival was unexpected, they having been looked for Thursday night. This disconcerted the programme that had been arranged for the obsequies.

The remains lay in state in the old Hall of Representatives from 10 A. M. till 1 o'clock P. M. A multitude of citizens among whom were many ladies, crowded the capital during the period the body remained in the Hall. The box contained the coffin and body was completely covered with flowers brought by ladies and children.

At one o'clock the remains were conducted to Holywood [sic], where they were deposited in a vault. The cortege which followed the body to the ground, consisted of the State guard, the Fire brigade, some local military companies, the City Council of Richmond and other authorities, the Kentucky Congressional delegation and citizens.

As the sad cortege wound through our streets to the sound f mournful music, it presented a touching contrast with the triumphant procession of the brilliant cavalry chieftain - through the same streets six months ago. He had then just escaped from a loathsome Yankee prison, and had returned to wield his puissant swore in the cause of his country. He was surrounded by throngs of friends and admirers all elate at his newly acquired freedom. New he was borne along mournfully and slow, followed in sorrow by the same friends to the grave.

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