From the Richmond Whig, 9/5/1864, p. 3, c. 3

THE DUEL. - The county justices, Riddick and Lee, on Saturday morning resumed consideration of the continued case of Messrs. Elmore and Pollard, charged with being engaged in a duel alleged to have taken place some where near Dill's farm in Henrico, on the 16th ult. Dr. Alex N. Talley called to the witness stand and the question being propounded to him whether he of his own knowledge knew anything of the said duel, he declined to answer, and Mr. Young, attorney for the commonwealth, said he would not press the point until he should have the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Dr. Peticolas, the two cases being indentically similar.

Mr. Young said he regretted he had been unable to secure the attendance as a witness of Gen. Henningsen.

The court adjourned till the 13th, and admitted Messrs. Pollard and Elmore to bail in the meantime.

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