From the Richmond Whig, 11/29/1864

HOSPITAL RATS. It having been communicated to Major Carrington that a number of the patients of Camp Winder Hospital daily spent a great part of their time in the old field, near the Reservoir, gambling, the Major, on yesterday, sent out detectives Fitchett and Woodward to look after the parties. The detectives caught and arrested fourteen men gambling in the old field, some having sweat cloths, chuck-a-luck cloths, and faro cloths spread upon the sward, and the others betting at them. Considerable amounts of money were staked. The parties were taken into custody and brought into the city, and by the Provost Marshal were sent to the Castle Thunder Hospital. Their names are J B Awgley, Co G, 1st NC; D W Wilson, Co D, 10th Ga Bat; T M Mills, Co K, 4th NC; W J Huggins, Co H, 51st NC; H James, Co C, 44th NC; J G Blunt, Co G, 17th NC; P P Mathews, Co C, 51st NC; S E Smith, Co E, 42d NC; W P Powell, Co D 42d NC; J H Pearsall, Co D, 4th NC; W Wells, Co C, 5th NC; J A Johnson, Co K, 49th NC; R Caldwell, Co F, 5th NC Cavalry.

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