Richmond Whig, 3/2/64

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From the Richmond Whig, 3/2/1864

DETECTIVE SHOT AT CASTLE THUNDER. – J. L. Wooters, of Maryland, detective on duty at Castle Thunder, was shot, at 11 o’clock yesterday morning, by one of the guard, under the following circumstances: Some of the prisoners confined in the building opposite Castle Thunder had been for some time throwing stones and bits of plaster at the sentry on guard on Cary street, under the windows of the building; and they continuing to throw at him after he had repeatedly requested them to desist, he fired up at the window. Mr. Wooters and several other officials about the Castle then went up into the building to see whether any one had been hurt. On getting up to the room into which the shot had been fired, Wooters very unwisely approached the window and looked out, and thereupon the sentry fired at him, the musket ball entering his left eye. – Wooters fell at the crack of the gun, and was borne out of the building. The surgeon who examined the wound pronounced his recovery impossible. Last night he was reported dead. The sentinel said he fired at Wooters because he thought he was a Yankee.

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