From the Richmond Whig, 5/13/1865

ESCAPE OF DICK TURNER FROM THE LIBBY. Dick Turner, an official of the Libby Prison under the Confederate regime, and who, for alleged cruelty to Union prisoners, was serving out a term of solitary confinement in the same prison, escaped from his cell some time between Thursday midnight and daylight yesterday morning, and got away without being observed by the guard. The cell in which he was confined is located in the basement, and a window, secured by iron bars, opens on Cary street, coming up even with the pavement. One of these bars next to the window jamb, was a wooden bar, and this Turner wrenched away, and watching his opportunity, favored by the rain and darkness of the night, succeeded in dragging his body through the aperture. The officials in charge of the prison have no knowledge of the route Turner has taken, but it is thought he has taken himself out of the city, and his knowledge of all the avenues, will facilitate his escape.