From the Richmond Whig, 5/15/1865

THE RICHMOND COLLEGE. - The trustees of this institution, situated on the western suburbs, design opening it on the 22d of the present month for the reception of pupils. We hail this as another omen of returning peace. Too long have martial sounds taken the place of college bells - too long have our young men been detained from the pursuit of learning by the spirit of war. This College was about to publish its nineteenth Annual Catalogue and to graduate its thirteenth class when the recent troubles began. The course of studies was thorough, and the standing of its graduates deservedly high. It had a Faculty of six professors and one tutor. The premises, having been used as the Louisiana Hospital, will undergo a thorough cleansing and ventilation, and will soon recover from the desolations of war. Judging from the past, we confidently predict that a learned and laborious Faculty will speedily restore the College to its former sphere of activity and usefulness. Let our youth avail themselves of even the brief period of two months to review their studies, and thus be prepared to enter, with advantage, the classes in October.