From the Richmond Whig, 6/6/1865

A BEE'S NEST IN A MAN'S HEAD. - Some visitors to the battle-field of the Seven Pines last week picked up a remarkably well-developed skull, in which a colony of bees had built their home. It was evidently a last year's nest, for the bees were gone though the nest remained perfect. A soliloquy as touching as that pronounced by Hamlet over the skull of Yorick might be suggested by this skull, and the strange incident of it becoming the habitation of bees. Whose skull was it? Nobody knows. Yet somebody once knew the owner of it well, and some heart broke when he came not back from the battle. That skull, that once, perchance, was animated by rare intelligence; that intelligence gone, becomes the resting place of bees!

“To what base uses may we come at last.”