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Weitzel, Godfrey. Richmond Occupied: Entry of the United States Forces into Richmond, Va. April 3, 1865 - Calling Together of the Virginia Legislature and Revocation of the Same. Ed. Louis H. Manarin. (Richmond: Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee, 1965)

This publication is a Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee reprint of Maj. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel's memoir of the capture and occupation of Richmond. Weitzel was the commanding general of the Union XXV Corps, and he and his corps were the first to enter Richmond. Upon capture, Weitzel set himself up as military governor. This memoir gives many details of the city immediately following its fall, and several details of President Lincoln's visit to Richmond.

This publication is presented in two ways: text-only, ie: no pictures at all; and in adobe acrobat format. The acrobat format allows you to print out the document (with the pictures) in a manner that looks very similar to the original. The Acrobat version is quite large, and may take awhile to download, but if you seek to print it out, I highly suggest using this in order to do so. Original paginations have been abandoned.

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