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Added June 21, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; 87 men of 3PaCav, captured by Hampton, arr. 11/30 at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; merchant garroted and robbed in Shockoe Slip – two assailants later captured
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; Custom House robbers, slaves, acquitted
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; New arrivals at Castle Thunder, including one federal soldier, charged with rape
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; more than 300 sent to City Point 11/30, leaving around 450 in town
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; list of officer POWs received lately. 104 POWs arrived 11/30 & 71 more on Dec. 1st
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; “Cage Cases:” Emanuel Olliberg jailed “for exposing his person in the street;” slave arrested for killing another slave by stabbing
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Frederick Lindsey, 1TX & Mathew Pitman, 1GA, both arrested for drunken fracas at Rockett’s. Pitman to Castle Thunder, Lindsey left behind, “having had his skull broken by a skillet in the hands of a female whose house he had entered.”
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Capt. Jackson Warner’s (prison commissary) horse stolen on 12th street
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; important sales notice for Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Tredegar adv for a file cutter
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; 2 backers needed at Alex McKay’s Bakery, Main & 28th, “(Hardgrove’s Fac’y)”
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; B. R. Minter, 18VaBn, killed at Castle Booker by sentinel (Wm. Phillips of President’s Guard)
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; long paragraph on substitute/AWOL/robbery/Castle Booker scam
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; 23 new NC arrivals at Castle Thunder, including one from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; Mayor’s Court items: as usual, many slave items; James A. Minor, NC soldier (see above), to Castle Booker for forgery; Emmanuel Olliberg (see yesterday) fined one dollar and released
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; Thos. H. Gunn, Supt. at Steam Hospital Laundry, Barrett’s Factory
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; public temperance meeting scheduled for Springfield Hall, Church Hill
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates. Includes Mike O’Bryan, AWOL fireman from CSS Jamestown and Jno. Govan, AWOL from CSS Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; female/male arrested at American Hotel. False alarm.
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; prisoner named Welles died at Libby 12/3 – first in over a month
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; 3 Castle Thunder prisoners whipped for assaulting fellow prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; donations to Henningsen Hospital include $25 from Fairfield Race Course & $257 from Mr. Wagoner at Richmond Trotting Park

Added June 12, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; five Yankees brought to Libby from Mathews Co., captured by “Capt. Fitzhugh”
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; three drunk soldiers sent to Castle Thunder, including Francis Fields; also John P. Usher, H9La, drunk & disorderly patient at GH#13, & 13 men from Petersburg provost marshal. New punishment at Castle Thunder for misconduct “has had a most salutary effect on the manners of the inmates.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; City Bn. has drill on Capitol Square. Five companies of 40 men each
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Clerk at GH#19 adv to purchase pair of canary birds
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; long adv from Tredegar – want 500 negroes to work in Botetourt Co. blast furnace
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Exchange Hotel furniture sale still going on.
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Dr. Bolton adv for missing Bellevue Hospital patient register
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; “DeLeon” at Mechanics Hall adv for box stolen from RR depot
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; 245 Federal soldiers to be paroled at City Point today – officers named, including Col. Thos. J. Jordan, 9th PA, who for some time was in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; new arrivals at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; space on either side of the canal bridge on 8th street to be fenced in, in order to prevent accidents
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; slaves accused of stealing treasury notes at Custom House to go on trial today. Includes slave of Jefferson Davis
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; 49 POWs arrive at Libby on 11/28
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; J. R. Anderson adv to purchase oak lumber for gun carriages

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