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Information about Bosher Hall Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

aka Bosher's Carriage Factory Hospital. Used temporarily. Carriage factory of R. H. Bosher. Southwest corner 9th & Main Streets. Used as Quartermaster Department offices after mid-1863.

Richmond Examiner 7/4/1862; hospitals opened at Bosher's carriage factory and Lainers' warehouse (under the Spotswood)
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; Bosher’s Hall hospital, corner 9th and Main has opened; appeal for money and provisions, and Walter Coles, Surgeon in charge, thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Bosher's Hospital needs 2 cooks
Richmond Whig 7/8/1862; Bosher’s Hall is “suddenly” taken as a hospital, and receives a $50 donation while being fitted up.
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; Walter Coles in charge of Bosher & Spotswood Hotel hospital. Thanks donors by name. Hoge is among the contributors.
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Walter Coles, Surg. In Charge Bosher’s Hall Hospital, thanks Goochland donors by name
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Dove Lodge of Masons adv new meeting place, as Govt has “taken Bosher’s Hall for a hospital.”

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