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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for Camp Lee Hospital]

Genl Hospl Camp Lee 

1. No patient shall be admitted into this Hospital except from Regiments, Battalions, Companies, or Detachments actually on duty at this post. Temporary exceptions to this rule may be observed in cases of pressing necessity.

2. Patients must be admitted upon a positive application from some one of the Medical officers of the Post giving a proper description of the command to which the applicant may belong.

3. The nurses shall be required to administer the remedies prescribed under the direction of the Chief wardens who shall be responsible to the attending Physician for the prompt performance of this duty.

4. Visitors will not be allowed to enter this Hospital without written permission from the Surgeon in Charge and in no cases will any article of food be furnished by them except with the application of the Surgeon.

5. Convalescent patients may, with the consent of the Chief Wardens be allowed to walk within the Hospital bounds.

6. The meals for the patients shall be served in the following order[:] Breakfast at 7 o’clock AM, Dinner at 1 PM and Supper at 5 PM.

For the maintenance of proper cleanliness, each patient upon his admission shall if possible be subjected to the necessary purification, be furnished with clean clothing and bedding.

7. The bedding shall be changed at least once each week throughout the Hospital.

8. The floors of the wards shall be thoroughly scoured and rubbed at least three times a week, unless contamination by unusually and cold weather and no spitting or other impurity be allowed upon them.

9. No person will be permitted to enter the kitchen except the medical officers, the attendants, and nurses. The latter only when sent for the food for the patients.

10. For the maintenance of proper discipline and order the Steward, ward masters and nurses shall be required to have written permission to leave the bounds of this post from the Surgeon in charge.

11. No nurse shall leave the Hospital bounds without permission from the stewards or wardens.

12. As far as practicable all disturbing noises shall be strictly avoided in and around the Hospital and at the sound of Guard, Taps, or 9 o’clock PM, all unnecessary conversation will be promptly suspended.

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