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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for Chimborazo Hospital ]

Chimborazo Hospital

Baths will be opened every day except on Saturday & Sunday from 9 to 2. The inmates of Hospital No. 1 will bathe on Monday, No. 2 on Tuesday, No. 3 Wednesday, No. 4 Thursday, No. 5 Friday.

The Baths for officers of the Hospital are open during the hours and on the days above mentioned. Soap and towels will not be furnished to the officers by the Hospital.

To preserve strict order and cleanliness in the Bathing House the following Rules and Regulations will be observed.

  1. Men entering the bath will undress quietly, place their clothing on the shelves, shoes under the benches, and enter the steam rooms naked. No undress of any sort allowed to be carried into the steam rooms.
  2. Sponges and soap must remain in the buckets.
  3. No washing of any sort allowed in the establishment.
  4. The allowance of hot water is two buckets and no more.
  5. The time for bathing to each company is one hour.
  6. The men will abstain from touching the steam pipes or displacing their cases(?) as serious consequences might result from it.
  7. Complete change of linen is strictly recommended as much for the individual health as for the cleanliness of the establishment.
  8. No chewing or smoking allowed in the building.
  9. Men will abstain from any noise, particularly in the plunge bath, also from using vulgar or profane language.
  10. Men will strictly obey the orders of the superintendent as to the time of entering and leaving the bath.

Bugle Calls

Morning Call at 6 AM, Breakfast Call at 8 AM, Sick Call at 10 AM, Surgeons Call at 12 M, Dinner Call 2 PM, Supper Call at 5 PM, Roll Call at 8 PM. Surgeons in charge of the Divisions must see that the daily reports of admission, returns to duty, and deaths are punctually sent to the office of the Surgeon in chief by 9 o’clock AM. They must be prepared to give a report of the general condition of their hospitals daily at Meridian and submit all applications for transfer to private quarters or other hospitals, furloughs, and discharges at that hour.


Diet for the sick to be under the supervision of the attending Surgeons. Chickens, Eggs, Milk, and _____s. Liquors will be furnished only when specially ordered. The following Diet Table is directed for convalescents [-] Breakfast, three quarters of a pint of coffee, three quarters of a pound of bread, molasses, small Hominy, cold meat and hashes.

Dinner [-] Bacon and beef with a liberal allowance of vegetables, potatoes sweet and Irish cabbage, turnips, Peas, Soup regularly and frequently stewed Peaches and Apples, corn bread every day.


To secure perfect cleanliness the Chief of Police must make a daily inspection of every privy, street, drain, and culvert in the Hospital grounds. Stewards of Hospitals must rigidly enforce the greatest neatness in their hospital and mess rooms. Every ward master should be held responsible by the Surgeon in Charge for the condition of his ward, its bedding, and furniture.

Hospital Guards

No inmate of the Hospital is permitted to pass the Guard without a permit unless he is an officer of the institution. No provisions of any sort or spirituous liquors to be take in or out of the Hospital without a special permit.

No visitors are admitted before 9 AM or after 5 PM.

No soldier is allowed to pass into the Hospital unless he exhibits a permit from his commanding officer. All persons who resist any of these orders are to be arrested and taken to the Guard House.

J. B. McCaw
Surg. in Charge


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