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GH20 Rules and Regulations

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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 20]

Genl Hosp No. 20

In reply to your communication in regard to No. 28 Medical Regulations I have to state that not until your communication was received did I know anything respecting the subject.

Upon taking charge of this Hospital in the early part of June last I found a copy of the Medical Regulations of 1861 which does not require that the Regulations for the Management of the Hospital be hung up in a conspicuous place in each ward. Upon investigation of the subject I find that in the Medical Regulations published in 1862 at No. 28 explicit instructions on this point & I will attend to the matter forthwith.

In regard to the matter in question I can simply say that I attend in person to enforcing the rules which I have adopted.

  1. Proper ventilation.
  2. Special cleanliness.
  3. Change of clothing of patients at least once a week and oftener if necessary.
  4. Change of bed clothing once a week regularly and oftener if necessary.
  5. Refilling bed sacks and pillow ticks with straw every month and oftener when the bed requires it.
  6. Meals regularly. Breakfast at 7 AM, Dinner at 1, Supper at 5 PM. Particular attention paid to cooking & to general neatness & cleanliness of the Hospital in all of its departments.

V. W. Harrison

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