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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 25]

Genl Hospl No. 25

1st The ward master is required to have the wards ready for inspection at Surgeon visits at 9 o’clock AM.

2 Every patient is required to be at his bed at the time of the Surgeons visit and all requests must be made and all business attended to at that time. If it be absolutely necessary however for any patient to consult with the Surgeon at any time after the regular visits then he must do so through the ward master.

3rd The ward master must not allow any patient to sit on the windows, urinate, spit or throw anything out of them. Offenders under this rule will be punished by depriving the offender of his meals for one day.

4th No passes under any circumstances will be granted.

5th The ward master will see that no patient spits upon the floor, wall, or steps, or defaces the walls by pencil marks or in any other way. This will likewise apply to the convalescents who visit the mess hall, privies, or any other offices below. A violation of this rule will be punished by confinement in the guard house with bread and water diet for 24 hours.

6th Every patient before leaving the wards, no matter for how short a time, will first arrange his bed neatly. A violation of this rule will be punished according to rule the third.

7th Breakfast will be served to patients at 7 AM, Dinner 1 PM, & Tea at 6 o’clock. To officers Breakfast at 8 AM, Dinner 2, & Tea 7 oc.

8th All convalescents ordered by assistant Surgeons to perform duty and failing to do the same will be punished the same as under rule the third.

9th The ward master is required to instruct each new patient in regard to the above rule.

Edwd G. Higginbotham
Surg in Charge Genl Hospl

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