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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 7]

Genl Hospital No 7

1st This Hospital being a Military one will be governed by strict Military Regulations.

2nd All clothing, equipments and money must be delivered up to the ward master upon the arrival of Patients in the Hospital.

3rd No smoking allowed in the Hospital. Loud talking and unnecessary noise of every description prohibited.

4th Cleanliness being conducive to health, no person will be allowed to spit on the floor or bring dirt of any kind into the wards of the Hospital. Nor will patients be allowed to lie on there beds with their shoes or clothes.

5th No patient or patients will be allowed to leave the Hospital without special written permission from the Surgeon in charge.

6th Patients will not be allowed to send out for any article of Confectionary, Liquors, [or] eatables of any kind without special permission.

7th All convalescents are required to be punctual in their attendance upon meals.

8th All patients are required to be at their beds at 9 o’clock AM when the Morning visit will be made by the Surgeon and the Assistant Surgeons.

9th All Convalescents are required to make up and keep their beds in order and the floor clean immediately around their beds.

10th If there be any cause for complaint or neglect from any of the attendants, patients are strictly enjoined and requested to report the same to the Surgeon or one of the Assistants at sight.

The Assistant Surgeons, Stewards, Ward masters, and Dressers will see that the above Regulations are enforced.

Wm J. Moore

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